Paper Based Packaging Is The Need Of The Hour

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Are you looking for a packaging material which appears to be attractive, easy to carry and easy to transport, paper based packaging takes care of all your needs. How a product is packed is just as important as what elements are used to make up the actual packaging materials. There is plethora of benefits to restructuring your packaging techniques around using paper based packaging.

  1. Protection

Paper, when constructed and designed strategically and effectively, can with hold weight and pressure just as well as a plastic box. When designing your packaging solutions, incorporating paper-based packaging in ways that protect the products from breakage and shift during shipping is possible. And it can be highly effective and cost-saving as well, for both the packaging distributor and the end-consumer.

  1. Durability

Paper bags are environmental-friendly and sturdy. Cardboard boxes, in particular, can handle heavy loads and stand upright. Progressive paper packaging will keep the contents fresh, as well. Paper can lock in flavors while keeping out pests, so it is an excellent alternative for things such as flour and spices to be well sealed.

  1. Consumer satisfaction

It is evident that consumers have consistently made their preferences clear through their buying habits by choosing paper based packaging rather than any other packaging material. However, using paper based material will continue to provide that same customer satisfaction that they’re looking for.

  1. Sustainability

Paper packaging is a renewable source. Recycling occurs in most major areas, and even rural ones across the country allow for a large percentage of paper-based packaging to be reused. These recycled materials are used in creating new boxes and other paper-based packaging products. Most consumers prefer to have their products packaged in materials that are better for the environment.

  1. Paper is more attractive

Paper based material has always been consumer’s favorite, as it is easy to showcase your brand name, your logo, it is easy apply graphics as compared to other packaging materials and also can be promoted on social media as well. With the advent of technology the consumers are well aware of the environment and they relate well when a brand opts for paper-based packaging. We at Pacfo, believe in high quality products and exceptional customer service. But most importantly, we believe that choosing the right packing for your product is one of the most important decisions. Where there are a wide range of products in each segment and packaging not only helps in standing out of the rest, it also helps in ensuring a wonderful experience for the end-customer. We provide our creativity, ingenuity and experience to provide you packaging solutions that saves your costs and thus, you can focus on what you do best. We produce around 200,00 boxes a day and we pass the benefits of huge production volumes to our customers.

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